Property mapping

Property mapping with drones boost transparency and economic value of the property. Since it also gives real time accurate measurements, it is helpful for the future developments in the property.

Drone video footage can provide dramatic views of the entire property.

Real estate has always been a cut-throat competitive market, hence aerial photography and videography becomes a useful medium to represent a property effectively for providing a larger than life perspective.

Mining and Quarry survey

Monitoring the road and railway for Utilities and all obstruction like tree growth next to the survey area is said as road and railway corridor mapping. Corridor map using UAV is very efficient, time saying and accurate than the traditional survey. Contours, slope map, cut and fill volume and all the feature digitization can be done through the corridor maps.

Road and railway corridor survey

Drone survey has many advantages than the traditional survey when it comes to mines and quarries. Some of the main features are

  • Stockpile Management
  • Cut and fill volume
  • High-resolution orthomosaic
  • Contour map
  • Slope map
  • Site inspection and monitoring
  • Haul road planning and optimization
  • Digital surface model, Digital terrain model, Contour, slope
  • Cross-section, Lateral section and Elevation profile
  • Can deliver in .cad .las .dxf .jpg formats

Easy and accurate volumetric calculation for cut and fill and total volume stockpile in mines and quarries.

Agricultural crop monitoring

Drones are used for precision agriculture. Its features are

  • Plant counting
  • Crop health analysis
  • Visual inspection
  • Elevation modelling
  • Water management

2D/3D feature extraction

Easily extract all the features like roads, buildings, trees, pathways and other all features to the CAD from the UAV orthomosaic

3D modelling

UAV are used to create perfect 3d modelling of the required buildings, statues, towers etc. The high accuracy of the models are obtained by all the photos from various angles and elevations.

Site construction progress monitoring

The data collected using drones can also be used to compare original plans with the ongoing construction work to show customers how a site is progressing. Furthermore, this technology can help monitor different stages of an under- construction building to help manage resources.

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