Cadastral Maps

cadastral/Parcel Maps are part of the foundation of any successful GIS project. The maps are also an integral part of the assessment/appraisal process. We develop parcel maps using the original source documents that created the parcels. Parcel mapping solutions include:

  • Parcel creation based on original documents such as subdivision plats, surveys, legal description.
  • Spatial enhancement and adjustment to new survey control points and/or aerial photography.

Utility Mapping

A utility map shows the positioning and identification of buried pipes and cables beneath the ground. The procedure involves detecting things like sewers, electric cables, telecoms cables, gas and water mains. Combine this mapping process with a topographical survey and the results will provide you with a comprehensive detailed map of anything that is hidden underground or directly related to any above ground features.

Spatial Analysis

Spatial analysis is one of the most intriguing and remarkable aspect of GIS. Using spatial analysis, you can combine information from many sources and derive new sets of information by applying a sophisticated set of spatial operators.Spatial analysis allows you to solve complex location-oriented problems and better understand where and what is occurring in your world. It goes beyond mere mapping to let you study the characteristics of places and the relationships between them. Spatial analysis lends new perspectives to your decision making.

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