WebGIS is a cloud-based platform, where any end user can access the high complicated GIS data through the means of internet and also by means of specific application for the client.

Webgis is a tool for communication, collaboration and transparency. They offer online visibility of project information for stakeholders. In a secure or open environment a window into the projects status, its content and its issues can be provided. Everyone can see the most up-to-date information and keep themselves informed.

This can included securely display maps and data along with behind-the-scenes photos and documents. Our services include:

  • webmap content development and publishing
  • webmap functions such as display control, navigation, transparency sliders, measuring, querying and printing
  • multiple webmaps from same source tailored to suit particular audiences such as the general public for community engagement needs
  • hosting and maintenance of the data on our secure server, on the cloud or helping clients manage and host it on theirs

Web GIS provides many more opportunities to provide broader access to your authoritative GIS data, enabling you to move your system of record to a system of engagement that facilitates everything from self-service mapping to making better decisions. It makes GIS more accessible, more affordable, and more pervasive. It amplifies the value of GIS, and the role of GIS professionals.

The shift from client/server architectures to Web services enables us to connect to a world of information, from our enterprise to the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and more. It pushes GIS forward into real-time mode instead of static data. Web GIS enables us to be more agile, moving from custom application development to configurable templates and web app builders. And most importantly, Web GIS moves us from proprietary data into open data and shared services that can empower everyone.

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